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As described in our ALC Data Services and Website Privacy Policy, ("Privacy Policy"), ALC provides a wide range of data gathering, management, analytic and marketing services. These services are specifically geared to help our marketing partners direct relevant, data-driven marketing communications-including direct mail, inserts, email, digital, mobile and social media campaigns-to their customers and prospects, based on those consumers' interests, activities and demographics.

To do this, ALC sometimes deploys anonymous online identifiers that we or our marketing partners create, and that are derived from personally identifiable information ("PII") in the ALC database, but have been de-identified, through various means. We also may collect and/or connect information about consumers' interests, online and offline activities (including website visits) or demographics, which we may group into aggregated "Audience Segments" (and sometimes, link them to anonymous identifiers). In delivering these types of services, we do not place PII into or associate PII with online cookies.

To opt-out of marketing and offers that we help to send, please scroll down to the "opt out" tools described below.

To learn more about how our opt out tools work and your choices, please continue reading.

Helpful Information About Your Opt Out Choices

What does the ALC "Persistent Opt-Out" do?

Our "Persistent Opt-Out" opts you out of the ALC database based on your email or postal address, and thus prevents us from targeting you through information in our database (through display media, email or direct mail), going forward. This opt-out option is not browser-based, so if you have more than one email address, you should submit each email address to us to opt out. Note that this opt-out does not apply to information in databases held by companies that we may partner with - only to ALC's own proprietary databases. We call this opt-out feature "persistent" because it lasts even if you update your browser or clear your cookies.

How can I opt out of companies that ALC may partner with?

Sometimes, we may help other companies to place online cookies which are based on data in their own databases. You can opt out of those companies and other online platforms that they partner with by visiting the opt-out page for the DAA's AboutAds program.

Remember that if you buy a new computer, upgrade or change your web browser, or delete this opt-out cookie by clearing your browser files, you will need to opt out again. Also remember that opting out in this way (for online ads) doesn't mean you will stop seeing online ads altogether -it just means that the ads you see probably won't be based on your multi-site online browsing activity, and will probably be either random or "contextual," or based simply on the website you are viewing.

But why do you need my email or postal address?

We receive and store your email and/or postal address in order to permanently avoid using information associated with that email or postal address, in our database. We convert your email into a "hashed" value.

To respect consumer privacy, we often work with "hashed values" rather than "human-readable" emails, so when we receive and hash your email address, we can opt you out of databases based on either the email itself or the hash. A hashed value may look something like this: 1R8eDOye4MGI1+r2t4sJiZJP6H=. If you don't feel comfortable providing your email address to us, you can still opt out of the cookies that we describe above, in "How Can I Opt Out of companies that ALC may partner with?" If you want to optout from cookies placed from our own domain Click here.

Our Persistent Opt Out

If you have any difficulty using our persistent opt out, please email privacy@alc.com.

To opt out of receiving postal communications from ALC and its partners, please enter your name and address. If you would also like to opt out of email together with postal mail please enter your email address.

To opt out of receiving email from ALC and its partners please enter the e-mail address you would like to opt out.

If you have questions related to this policy, please contact us:
Privacy Officer
ALC, Inc.
750 College Road East, Suite 201, Princeton, NJ 08540
Email: privacy@alc.com